This past Saturday was the second ALS 12 Hour Trail Race.

We had 38 runners running the 12-hour race including the relay runners and we had 7 runners run the 5 mile race. It was a great turn out on a really great day.

IMG 2300 05 06 17 01 01The day started out for me at around 5:00 am and I was at the course by 6:00 am. I checked the course and only a couple spots where some horses broke some of the ribbons marking the trails, it was all good.IMG 2324 05 06 17 01 01

The 12-hour race started right on time and after the first loop, everyone was having no problems navigating the course. The Canisius Cross Country Team was present and were running in the 4 person relays. They were really pushing the pace. They showed up with their coach Nathan Huckle who ran the 2-person relay with Jeff Green. The team decided to run the race the day before and were running for teammate Alex Cambria. Alex has a twin brother who was diagnosed with ALS last year and is only 20 years old. I had a long conversation with Rebecca Cambria, Alex’s mother, and she stated her son has been accepted to start the new ALS drug Radicava. This is the first person I’ve met who will be associated with this new drug and we all hope this helps this young man live a longer and productive life. He definitely has the support of his family and friends and the Canisius teams were enthusiastic on the course. A little side note, Nathan Huckle the cross-country coach at one time was coached by my brother John. Just a little tid bit.

We had great weather. A little rain just before the start, but that went away and the sun was out all day. Temperatures around 65, great for running.

Trail Race Pic

So, we’re almost to June 3rd and the second annual ALS 12 Hour Trail Race will be happening again. Now that this is the second time I’ve put together a race, it did seem a little easier. Leading up to this year’s race has been something of a challenge though.

I’ve been contemplating on writing a blog and reviewing the end of 2016. Part of me wanted to let people know what had happened, but then is it anyone’s business outside of my immediate family? I also don’t want to write this for any type of sympathy, but it did affect my running and I figure I can sort of highlight the big points.

As some know, Anne, my significate other, paramour, partner in crime, inamorata, girlfriend etc...., brother had passed in February of 2016. Her father Bill’s health started to fail shortly after that I’m sure as a result of burying one of his sons. So, with 2016 starting out on a downward slope, it didn’t get better for our family at the end of the year either.