This past Saturday was the second ALS 12 Hour Trail Race.

We had 38 runners running the 12-hour race including the relay runners and we had 7 runners run the 5 mile race. It was a great turn out on a really great day.

IMG 2300 05 06 17 01 01The day started out for me at around 5:00 am and I was at the course by 6:00 am. I checked the course and only a couple spots where some horses broke some of the ribbons marking the trails, it was all good.IMG 2324 05 06 17 01 01

The 12-hour race started right on time and after the first loop, everyone was having no problems navigating the course. The Canisius Cross Country Team was present and were running in the 4 person relays. They were really pushing the pace. They showed up with their coach Nathan Huckle who ran the 2-person relay with Jeff Green. The team decided to run the race the day before and were running for teammate Alex Cambria. Alex has a twin brother who was diagnosed with ALS last year and is only 20 years old. I had a long conversation with Rebecca Cambria, Alex’s mother, and she stated her son has been accepted to start the new ALS drug Radicava. This is the first person I’ve met who will be associated with this new drug and we all hope this helps this young man live a longer and productive life. He definitely has the support of his family and friends and the Canisius teams were enthusiastic on the course. A little side note, Nathan Huckle the cross-country coach at one time was coached by my brother John. Just a little tid bit.

We had great weather. A little rain just before the start, but that went away and the sun was out all day. Temperatures around 65, great for running.

IMG 2330 05 06 17 01 01The relay teams and the solo 12-hour runners did great. David Allara from New Brunswick, NJ came up with his girlfriend Jennifer Staab and crushed the course. IMG 2361David ran the entire 12 hours and ended up running 25 laps of the course which was approximately 65 miles. This beat the course record set last year (our first year for the race) by Angie Darbyson who ran approximately 56.5 miles. I guess Angie will have to come back in 2018 to get her title back. Angie decided to run the Cayuga Trails 50 this year which was on the same date. She figured running 50 miles in 9:40:06 was better. She was wrong of course. Back to David Allara. He had awesome support from Jennifer and she had everything ready for him on each loop, nutrition, drink and even a playlist for him to listen to while running. I liked his tackle box he used to keep all his supplies separate.

IMG 2348 05 06 17 12 59Second place went to Dan Wilbur and he completed 20 laps and approximately 52 miles. It was pretty close between Dan and Dave at the beginning, but Dave kept his pace and just slowly cranked out those laps. If Dan had wanted to he had enough time to finish one more lap, but I believe he just wanted to break that 50 mile barrier.

Third place went to our own local, Michael Meynadasy. He ended up with 18 laps and just under 47 miles. Mike came through every lap in great spirits and never looked tired. I’m sure he’ll argue with me on that. Mike also posted a nice synopsis of his experience on Facebook. Here is just a bit of what he thought:

“I chose to run in the 2nd annual De-Feet ALS 12 Hour event as a solo runner (there were relay options, as well). Participants traverse a 2.5-mile single track loop through the eastern half of Northampton Park (just west of Spencerport). The goal is to complete as many loops as possible in 12 hours. I had been nursing a hamstring issue for the past month and was not sure how much of the event I would run. I was just hoping for time-on-feet. So, I walked much of the first few laps testing the legs to see what would work without doing further damage. By the fourth lap I found a sustainable pace, a mixture of running and walking, that I could complete in under 40 minutes per loop. The forest in the park is quite nice. Mostly open woodlands with a high canopy and a few sections open to the brilliant sun. Lost my right shoe in the muddy section during the 2nd lap and had to pull hard to get it out. I used the stream crossing to cool my feet and get ready for the short scramble up one of the two hills on the course. As the day progressed the bright sun would work its way through the trees at different angles, keeping this jaunt through the forest very enjoyable. When it started to get warm a cool breeze kept the temperature perfect (for me at least). In the end, I managed to complete 18 laps for 46'ish miles and 3rd place of the solo runners. I intend to return next year healthy and make it a 50+ mile finish.

ALS is a horrible disease. Steven Luther puts this race on in memory of his father, who suffered from the disease and died in 2012, to raise money and awareness in the hopes of one day finding a cure. Please consider supporting this cause when given the opportunity.”-Michael Meynadasy.

Thanks for the kind words Mike.

IMG 2337 05 06 17 01 01We also had two different relay races. We had the 4-person relay like last year, but I added a 2-person relay. The 4 person teams were CCXC (Canisius College Cross Country), Will run for covfefe (also from Canisius College Cross Country) and Will run for Guacamole. CCXC ran a total of 27 laps for approximately 70.2 miles. They ended up winning the 4 person relay race with Will run for covfefe in second with 25 laps approximately 65 miles and Will run for Guacamole in third with 19 laps for approximately 49.4 miles.IMG 2343 05 06 17 12 59

The 2 person teams were Poughkeepsie State Flying Cougars. This team was Nathan Huckle and Jeff Green.IMG 2344 05 06 17 12 59 They ran 28 laps and approximately 72.8 miles and ended up completing the most laps for the day. Second was Free Hugs, Jim Nail and Laura Robbins. They did 24 laps and approximately 62.5 miles.

I also had a 5 mile race this year. It was won by Arranne Paige-Rispoli and his time was 39:55. It was a sprint to the finish and he beat out Nicholas Neamtu who finished in a time of 39:57. The unfortunate thing is they left before I handed out the prizes. Well there is always next year.

Ultrasignup does not post relay results, so this is the only place they are posted.

I want to thank all the runners, spectators and my helpers for coming out and helping support ALS research and raising money. I would like to also thank Dennis Wright from Hearts for ALS NY and Terri Handler from ALS Therapy Development Institute. Both provided information to some of the spectators about ALS and some options they have. I want to thank Anne and Tyler for helping setup/teardown and all the other stuff I asked you to do during the day. Also Jennifer Staab, who I handed off some jobs even though she was crewing for David Allara. The race really went smooth and besides some computer errors on my part, there were really no problems.

I also want to thank my sponsors who made donations to the race:
Wegmans, MedVed Walking and Running Outfitters, Buff, CB Craft Brewers, Tim Gabriel, Genesee Brewery, Ultrasignup and Munk Pack.

We’ll see you next year and keep an eye out for my next event.